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Technology for flying cars from Europe was sold to China

A Chinese company has acquired the technology that was at the heart of the development of a flying car, which was initially developed and successfully tested in Europe.

The AirCar, which was powered by a BMW engine and used regular fuel, traveled between two airports in Slovakia for a total of thirty-five minutes in 2021, making use of runways for both takeoff and landing.

A little more than two minutes were required for the vehicle to convert from a car into an airplane.

A "specific geographical region" in China will now be the location where automobiles that are manufactured based on its design will be utilized.

The Hebei Jianxin Flying Car Technology Company, which has its headquarters in Cangzhou, has completed the acquisition of exclusive rights to manufacture and use AirCar aircraft inside a region that has not been announced.

According to Anton Zajac, creator of KleinVision, the company that was responsible for the creation of AirCar, the company has constructed its very own airfield as well as a flight school following an earlier acquisition from another Slovak aircraft manufacturer.

Following its pioneering role in the creation of the electric vehicle revolution, China is currently actively working to develop solutions for flying transportation transport.

During the previous month, a company known as Autoflight conducted a test flight of a drone that was capable of transporting passengers between the cities of Shenzhen and Zhuhai. It was stated that the voyage, which takes three hours to complete by car, was finished in twenty minutes, despite the fact that the aircraft did not have any passengers on board.

Additionally, in the year 2023, the Chinese company eHang was granted a safety certificate by the Chinese government for its electric flying taxi application. In this regard, the government of the United Kingdom has stated that flying taxis may become a common sight in the skies by the year 2028.

Nevertheless, in contrast to these passenger aircrafts that resemble drones, AirCar does not take off and land vertically and necessitates the use of a runway.

The amount of money that KleinVision had made from the sale of the technology was not disclosed. A certificate of airworthiness was granted to AirCar by the Slovak Transport Authority in the year 2022. Additionally, AirCar was featured in a film that was uploaded to YouTube by Mr Beast on the beginning of this year.

Infrastructure, regulations, and public acceptance of the technology are still significant obstacles that need to be overcome before this mode of transportation may become widely adopted.

"This brave new world of personal transport is acting as a great leveller," said aviation analyst Steve Wright. "It's a brave new world."

It was "everyone scrambling to come up with a whole new set of questions that need to be asked" as a result of global efforts to regulate the sector.

"In this respect the West's history can sometimes slow things down, as there is a bit of a temptation to try and squeeze these new machines into the old categories," Mr. Wright explained further. "China could well see this as an opportunity to get ahead."

Concerns of a similar nature were presented in the past with regard to electric cars, in which China has emerged as the worldwide market leader.

The sale of the Slovakian AirCar may give rise to inquiries on the possibility that China is on the verge of achieving the same level of success with flying automobiles.

"with queues and baggage checks and whatnot," Mr. Wright said, despite the fact that prototypes such as the AirCar were "great fun," the reality was likely to end up being more humdrum.


It was the first theme park in Saudi Arabia to be established, and it was called Dragon Ball

Fans of the popular Japanese animated series Dragon Ball have experienced a range of emotions in response to Saudi Arabia's announcement that it will construct a theme park based on the series.

According to the company that is behind the proposal, it would have at least thirty rides and a dragon that is 70 meters (229.6 feet) tall at its center.

This park would be the first attraction of its kind anywhere in the world, and it would be based on a major media brand.

Some fans voiced their disapproval of the move, citing Saudi Arabia's track record in terms of human rights regulations.

According to the Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC), which is completely owned by the investment fund of the Saudi Arabian government, the park will occupy more than half a million square meters of land.

As part of "a long-term strategic partnership" between the QIC and Toei Animation, the Japanese company that is responsible for producing Dragon Ball, these ideas have been developed.

There will be a roller coaster inside the dragon that is modeled like Shenron, a wish-granting dragon that appears in the Dragon Ball franchise, according to the official website for the franchise.

Near Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, a significant entertainment and tourism project known as Qiddiya is now under construction.

The energy-rich nation is making this move as part of its aim to diversify its economy away from its reliance on fossil fuels.

On social media, there are some fans of Dragon Ball who have expressed their approval of the plans for the theme park, while there are others who have expressed their disagreement with the idea to situate the attraction in Saudi Arabia.

The nation has been attacked for its record of human rights violations and for its failure to recognize the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals.

The announcement comes with only a few weeks having passed since the passing of Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball.

In March, Toriyama passed away at the age of 68. In accordance with a statement that was published on the Dragon Ball website, his funeral was attended by only his family and a small number of his friends.

Because Toriyama is responsible for the creation of characters that have become a part of their life, fans from all over the world have paid tribute to her.

It was in 1984 when the Dragon Ball comic series made its debut. It follows a young kid named Son Goku as he embarks on a journey to acquire magical dragon balls that have the potential to bestow upon him superpowers.

The Japanese comic book is widely considered to be among the most influential and best-selling works of all time.


After Max Verstappen retires, Carlos Sainz wins the Australian Grand Prix in Formula One

During the Australian Grand Prix, Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc finished in first and second place for Ferrari, while Max Verstappen's dominance in Formula One came to a halt.

On the second lap, Sainz passed the world champion's Red Bull to take the lead. However, the Dutchman was forced to withdraw due to a brake issue after only four laps.

When Leclerc passed Lando Norris of McLaren during the first pit stop period, the Spaniard took control of the race and continued to dominate it.

After George Russell was involved in an accident, the race was stopped with a virtual safety car in place.

In the penultimate lap of the race, the Mercedes driver was attempting to catch Fernando Alonso's Aston Martin for sixth place. However, he lost control of the vehicle at Turn Six, which resulted in an accident. The car came to a stop on its side, and it was held up in the air by landing on its left front wheel. Russell did not sustain any injuries.

Following the conclusion of the race, Alonso and Russell were summoned to the stewards in response to allegations that the Spaniard had applied the brakes twice before the bend, and then re-engaged the throttle in the middle of the two stops.

It was a challenging conclusion to a day that was depressing for Mercedes, on which their place as also-rans was apparently reaffirmed. Lewis Hamilton exited from the race after 16 laps due to an engine issue.

Norris guided Oscar Piastri to a McLaren three-four ahead of Sergio Perez of Red Bull, who remained anonymous on a day in which he was unable to capitalize on Verstappen's exit.

Sainz is completely in command.

In front of a record crowd of 132,106 people in Melbourne, and a weekend high of 452,055 people, Sainz was in imperious form. This was just 16 days after he had surgery to remove his appendix, which caused him to miss the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

The 29-year-old driver, who has been describing the "weird" sensation of "everything in the inside just feels like it's moving more than normal" following his operation, followed Verstappen around the opening lap of the race. After Verstappen made a mistake at Turn Three on the second lap, Sainz was able to pass the Red Bull down the winding'straight' to Turns Nine and 10. This allowed Sainz to win the race.

Almost immediately, Verstappen went on the radio to announce that he had "lost the rear - weird," and it was not long before it became clear why he had done so.

After completing one lap, he uttered the following words over the radio: "The car is loose." In addition, a lap after that, smoke began to seep out of the right rear wheel of his vehicle.

When Verstappen slowed down, a clump of material fell out of his wheel and onto the grass as he entered the pit lane. His brakes were now on fire, and he was also entering the pit lane.

As a demonstration of the success that Red Bull has had over the past two years, this was his first retirement since this race, which took place two years ago.

Sainz was able to maintain his power over the race as a result of this, and he never gave any hint that he would let it slip away from him.

Last year, Sainz was the only driver who did not compete for Red Bull to win a race. He did it in Singapore, where he triumphed in a race that ended with him holding off a train of cars that included Norris, Lewis Hamilton, and Russell.

Now he has become the one who would put an end to Verstappen's prospects of matching his own record of winning ten consecutive races. This is despite the fact that he began the season with the knowledge that he would lose his seat at Ferrari at the conclusion of the season at the beginning of the third race.

From the very beginning of the qualifying session, Sainz had Leclerc's race under control, and he was never in danger of losing the race.

He was able to gain an advantage by taking advantage of the fact that Leclerc was unable to catch up to Norris during the first stint.

On the ninth lap, Ferrari pulled Leclerc in for a relatively early stop in order to undercut him and pass Norris. This plan was successful when the McLaren stopped five laps later and emerged behind the Ferrari.

On the sixteenth lap, Sainz made his first stop and exited just one second ahead of his teammate. He gradually built up an advantage that eventually reached over nine seconds before Leclerc made his second stop later in the race.

It was a bright day for McLaren, but not for Perez.

McLaren had a successful weekend despite the fact that Norris was unable to do anything to stop the Ferraris from crossing the finish line.

On the other hand, this was not the case for Perez, who voiced his displeasure with Red Bull's choice to give him a lengthy run during his initial stint.

Although Perez was able to pass Russell and Alonso, he was unable to make much headway against the McLarens who were in front of him on a day that will not do much to increase his chances of keeping his position at Red Bull for the year 2025.

As a result of Russell's accident, Mercedes was forced to abandon their race in Australia, and Lance Stroll of Aston Martin was moved up to seventh place, ahead of Yuki Tsunoda of Red Bull Racing and Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen of Haas.

After a severe crash on Friday, Alex Albon was given his teammate Logan Sargent's Williams for the weekend. Despite this, he finished eleventh, as the Haas drivers were simply too strong for him to pass in his pursuit of a point.


An ex-Google developer is accused of stealing secrets related to artificial intelligence

The United States of America has brought charges against a former software engineer at Google for allegedly stealing trade secrets pertaining to artificial intelligence (AI) while working covertly for two private Chinese companies.

In the state of California, Linwei Ding, who is also known by his alternative name, Leon Ding, was arrested on Wednesday after being indicted on four offenses.

According to the allegations, the Chinese national stole more than five hundred classified data.

On each count, he could face a maximum sentence of ten years in prison and a fine of two hundred fifty thousand dollars.

According to the local media, it was not possible to identify a lawyer representing Mr. Ding who could comment on the issue.

There is a connection between the information that he is accused of obtaining and the infrastructure of Google's supercomputing data centers, which are utilized to host and train big artificial intelligence models.

In 2019, Mr. Ding was hired by Google, and one of his responsibilities involved the development of this program, as stated in the indictment.

In the month of May 2022, it is believed that he started uploading information that was kept on Google's network to a personal Google account. According to the accusation, these uploads proceeded on a regular basis for a period of one year.

He is claimed to have spent many months in China working for Beijing Rongshu Lianzhi Technology, a start-up technology company that approached him. During this time, he is said to have been in China. In the indictment, it is stated that he was promised a monthly salary of $14,800 (or £11,620) to serve as the Chief Technology Officer of the corporation.

It is also said that he established his own technology company, Shanghai Zhisuan Technology, with a concentration on artificial intelligence and machine learning, and that he appointed himself as the CEO of the company.

The BBC has attempted to get in touch with Rongshu, but Zhisuan could not be reached for comment at the time of this writing.

According to the prosecution, Mr. Ding did not disclose to Google that he worked for either of the companies.

According to the indictment, he submitted an application to a Chinese-based organization in order to receive assistance in developing this firm, and he presented it at an investment conference held in China in November of 2023.

During the subsequent month, he was detected by Google as attempting to upload further files to his personal computer while he was in China. However, Mr. Ding explained to the investigator that he was doing so in order to offer evidence that he was employed by the technology giant.

Mr. Ding is alleged to have bought a one-way ticket from San Francisco to Beijing before he resigned on December 26. This was done without Google's knowledge when he returned to the United States.

After a few days had passed, Google once again grew suspicious after learning about his conduct at the conference. As a result, they suspended his access and searched his activity history to uncover the unauthorised uploads.

Google, according to José Castañeda, a spokesperson for the business, has implemented "stringent safeguards to prevent the theft of our confidential commercial information and trade secrets." Castañeda also stated that the company promptly notified the authorities when it discovered evidence of possible misconduct.

Merrick Garland, the Attorney General of the United States, issued a statement on Wednesday claiming that Linwei Ding was undercoverly working for businesses that were "seeking an edge in the AI technology race" in order to profit himself.

"The Justice Department will not tolerate the theft of artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies that could put our national security at risk," said Attorney General Garland.

President Christopher Wray, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, stated that the alleged acts of Mr. Ding "are the latest illustration of the lengths" that Chinese businesses will go to "to steal American innovation."

Over the past few years, the United States of America and China have been heavily involved in a contentious trade dispute, with both parties striving to gain a competitive advantage over the other.

As a result of the disagreement, both nations have imposed tariffs on items worth hundreds of billions of dollars that are produced by the other.

Under the administration of Vice President Joe Biden, trade relations have deteriorated, with both parties establishing additional trade barriers, such as limits on the export of computer chips.


How Pep Guardiola has been able to rely on Phil Foden in Man City's 3-1 victory over Manchester United

Not only did Phil Foden score two goals to win the Manchester derby on Sunday, but he also took control of the entire game and made it possible for his team to win.

It was Foden who made the difference and turned the game in the second half. Manchester City was trailing and wondering who was going to step up after Erling Haaland missed an absolute sitter. At that moment, Foden made the difference and altered the game.

His overall effort was spectacular during City's triumph, which they won 3-1. In terms of his physical appearance, he never appeared to become fatigued, and in general, he gave off the impression of a guy who is very much at the pinnacle of his game.

Foden is a very intelligent footballer, and he shown once more against Manchester United that his decision making is one of the things that sets him apart from other players. In addition to being extremely skilled and extremely fit, Foden is also a really talented football player.

From a positional standpoint, I mean that he should know when to dribble, when to pass, and when to shoot. Additionally, he should know when to come inside and when to maintain his width.

Since he is so comfortable playing across the line, on the left or right, or as a number 10 in Pep Guardiola's side behind Erling Haaland while Kevin de Bruyne is out, there is a debate about where he should play for City and England. However, it really doesn't matter because he is so comfortable playing in any of these positions.

As a result of his game intelligence, Foden is able to achieve the '10' position in every game he plays, and of course, he also delivers.

When you are playing in forward positions, the thing that you are always judged on is your end product, and Foden's is now as excellent as it can be at this point in time.

His current season is already the best season of his career in terms of goalscoring, with 18 goals scored across all competitions. He is also well on his way to making it the best season in terms of assists as well.

It is clear to everyone that he has made development; this is not a player who has remained stagnant through the years. He has become Guardiola's go-to player at the age of 23, and this is due to the fact that he has gotten better and better the more he has been introduced into the City club.

According to Pep, Foden is someone that Pep trusts because he is aware that he is going to be a source of goals wherever he plays. Foden has already started more Premier League games this season than he has in any prior campaign.

Therefore, the performance that took place on Sunday was not an isolated incident. Foden is excelling in a City team that is filled with people who are exceptionally talented, and at the moment, he appears to be the team's finest player.

The only individuals who are dissatisfied with his current performance are those who support Liverpool and Arsenal, because of the potential role he could play in determining the outcome of the championship tournament. Awe and excitement can be felt by everyone else in response to what they observe.

It's fantastic for City, and it's also fantastic for England. Gareth Southgate, the manager of the Three Lions, was present at Etihad Stadium on Sunday to observe Foden's performance, but I seriously doubt that he required any other confirmation of how outstanding he has been.

How the city can bring you down

Even though Foden was responsible for ensuring that City ended up getting the points, I thought that United's gameplan was actually quite the good one.

It was possible for them to make use of the speed of Marcus Rashford and Alejandro Garnacho out wide since Casemiro and Kobbie Mainoo were seated, Scott McTominay was slightly front of them, and Bruno Fernandes was playing as a false nine.

The degree of discipline, devotion, and defensive organization that United displayed was as good as I've seen from them in a significant game in a while. Once United scored their first goal, it provided them with something to cling to, and it was the positive thing that they did. Although they were able to maintain a draw at Anfield prior to Christmas, Liverpool did not put them through as much of a test as City did here.

Particularly impressive were Casemiro and Mainoo during the first half of the match; nevertheless, the entire squad put in a lot of effort, and the most impressive aspect of their formation was that they continued to pose a danger when they went on the offensive.

When the ball was sent to Bruno, his touch was outstanding and incredibly reliable, and the pace of Garnacho and Rashford was always threatening because of City's high line. Both of these features contributed to the team's success. They could have been able to extend their lead if they had played their final ball with a little bit more quality.

Therefore, there were a lot of reasons why United manager Erik ten Hag was pleased with his team's performance, but in the end, his team was defeated because they were unable to keep up their energy level in the second half and, more than anything else, because City was superior.

The fact that United made errors in the back line at the end of the game was not due to a lack of effort or laziness; rather, it was simply because they were exhausted from chasing the ball, filling spaces, and covering each other throughout the entirety of the game.

They did to United what they do to most of the teams they play against, which is to wear you down with their patience, as well as their quick play and technical ability, which simply means that they find a way through in the end. The way Manchester City comes forward is just relentless.

The first goal they scored was a fantastic illustration of that. Mainoo, who had been fantastic and is a true star of the future, was only five or six yards away from where he had been everytime Foden went inside in the first half to deny him space, but this time he wasn't quite there. Mainoo is a real star of the future. Despite the fact that it was not a very large distance, it was sufficient, and then Foden's strike is simply beyond comprehension.

With Foden's second goal, the situation remained the same. Casemiro was defeated by a sudden 'give and go' pass that appeared to be one that ought to have been prevented; nonetheless, he had already dealt with a great number of such passes. In reality, he was just exhausted; he had not failed himself in any way.

The reasons why Liverpool will be able to play for the full 90 minutes the next week

Liverpool, the team that City will face next in the Premier League, is one of the few teams that I believe is capable of competing with them physically throughout the entirety of the game. In order to stop City, you need to compete with them physically.

The team coached by Jurgen Klopp fought back to tie 1-1 at Etihad Stadium earlier in the season, and they won't have any trouble making it through the approximately 90 minutes of play, especially considering that players like Wataru Endo, Dominik Szoboszlai, and Darwin Nunez are likely to be in good shape again.

The notion of City's journey to Anfield the next weekend is, as it often is, a mouthwatering prospect, since there will be so much quality on display.

For me, it is a matter of being enthusiastic about seeing how they deal with each other since there will be a continuous back-and-forth between attack and defense. Although it is nearly impossible to forecast what will occur in these games, I am thrilled about seeing how they deal with each other.

It is not a game that will determine who wins the championship because Arsenal is still in the running for the title and might be in first place by the time that game takes place on Sunday, but it will be a significant factor in determining who wins the championship, and the Gunners are probably going to be hoping with all their might that it ends up being a draw.




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